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Website Design

With your input and vision, allow us to create a
seamless, interactive, creative, website with relevant content and
social media integration in order to attract, leverage, and convert
your customers and attract future customers.
Techniques of precise website coding, keyword analysis, and search
engine optimization will bring you and your company ahead of the
pack. Your customers are asking for your product allow them to find
you with a remarkable Web Presence.


Website Re-Design

If images load extremely slow on your website, or if your website is
not cell phone compatible (responsive), or if your website is hard to
navigate due to broken links and/or improper coding, or if customers
just plain can’t find your website amongst the millions of other companies
competing for their business, then it is assumed to say that your company
may not be generating the revenue that it could be. Take a step back, re-
evaluate your business plan and goals, contact us, and gain a competitive
edge on the web through a complete re-design of your website.


App Development

We make mobile app development easy and affordable. With the rise in
“Mobile-Only” browsers (consumers, customers, and browsers viewing
your business on a mobile device), the need for mobile presence and a
business app is critical to withstand the change. Our app development
portfolio boasts beautiful and fully functional apps for all types of
businesses. Whether you want to boost sales via mobile commerce,
send push notifications to customers, integrate social media or blogs, map
integration to locate your business faster, or show your photo gallery, Premier
Web Presence does all the legwork from design, submitting apps to app stores,
and providing full customer support.


Graphic Design

Attract your target audience more efficiently and upon first glance
with a well-illustrated piece of art that will be the face of your
company for years to come. Through one-on-one design meetings,
we try to capture exactly what you envisioned of your logo/brand
ambassador. We work with a full color palette and can produce
stimulating and appealing logos with no limitations on size or format
when printing your finished product.


Online Marketing

Your website is up and running live – now what?
Who is your target audience?
How are you planning on marketing to that audience?
On your behalf, we conquer these questions and more by leveraging
internet marketing tools such as mobile, search engine, social, and
online marketing to engage your customers and create inbound leads,
which in turn will create an increase in revenue. We assist you in-
developing an integrated marketing strategy from concept to execution
by creating a buzz, going viral, and building a demand for your brand.



An easy to use, interactive online store that drives traffic and fulfills
customer orders seamlessly are the key fundamentals in having a
successful online presence. Through sound SEO techniques, a unique
product, and a visually appealing online store, the potential for a large
online following and a hefty monthly residual revenue stream is
unlimited. If your online store needs help reaching your customers or
maintaining customer orders in a more organized fashion, we can help.


Search Engine Optimization

We all want higher search engine rankings, but very few know the
strategies to put into place to get there. Getting such results and
driving traffic to your website will take careful planning, compreh-
ensive designing, relentless execution, as well as monitoring and
making constant changes due to an ever changing market. Allow
Premier Web Presence to gain more exposure for your business
through a customized, commanding SEO campaign to drive cust-
omers to your website, and ultimately increase your bottom line.


Website Hosting

Our numerous hosting conveniences provides a comprehensive
platform that can be altered to fit and be suitable for any and all
businesses. Be more efficient with a personalized email address
that reflects your business and brand identity rather than a free
email account in which your business loses credibility. Allow your
business all of the necessary tools to run efficiently and profitably
with the correct hosting package.


Website Media Creation

In today’s fast paced and visual society, everything is high-speed,
people want instant gratification, and they want images and video
to stand out. With slow loading, non-optimized images and video
on your website, your customers are more likely to jump to another
website rather than wait for yours to load. If a customer has a full high
definition smartphone or tablet, poor quality images will not stimulate
them. Don’t lose out on any opportunities to convert a potential cust-
omer due to low resolution, non-appealing images and video of your
product – have one of our professional photographers or videographers
capture the true essence of your product today.

What You Get With Premier Web Presence

Logo Design

Attract your target audience with an eye-catching logo

Retina Ready

High resolution content taking advantage of technology

Use for All Platforms

Compatible on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc

Development & Testing

Precise coding to decrease website down time

Fully Responsive

Optimal viewing on any device large or small


Drive traffic and sales with an online store

HD Media Creation

Fully optimized high definition images and video

Social Media Integration

Create a buzz and reach your target audience